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Three Month Recap... Video Production

It has been over three months since my last post.   If you look back, I was focused on stepping up our game on the video front.   In that time we have worked on videos for a few different clients.   With each project we learn more about what works well and what doesn't work as well.   We have also learned that it takes a lot of equipment to create quality video content...  Even more than with stills!

As you will see from the behind the scenes photo below, we are using two DSLR cameras, a boom mic, lavelier mic (hidden under the client's dress), a field recorder, a laptop (just out of frame), and two lights.   LOTS of cables and cords.

Here is a behind the scenes shot from one of our recent photography and video shoots in Charlotte, NC.   The client, The Widrick Group, was amazing to deal with!

Here is a behind the scenes shot from one of our recent photography and video shoots in Charlotte, NC.   The client, The Widrick Group, was amazing to deal with!

In early May we did a project for R.P. Boggs and Company, located in Lake Wylie, SC.   I felt really good about the approach to the audio for that project and the results were quite good.   That said, May in Carolina's can get a bit warm and when shooting video it is best to turn off HVAC systems.   We discovered quickly that my existing video light kit was not going to be a viable option when working in the South.    By the end of the shoot the Boggs office was a toasty 90 degrees!  Said kit consists of three Lowell DP hot lights with 500 watt and 1000 watt bulbs.  A great kit, but just not practical for extended use during the summer...  Especially in the South.

Here is a look at one of the many videos we created:

And here is one of the still portraits we did of one of the R.P. Boggs partners, Sam Swisher:

Sam Swisher, R.P. Boggs and Co.

Sam Swisher, R.P. Boggs and Co.

Immediately following the Boggs shoot I found myself in research mode (again) complete with G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome).   I found what I feel is a fantastic solution for my work...  The Aputure Light Storm C300D.   I ordered two!   Fantastic lights which accept all of my existing Bowens S-Mount modifiers...  Or as I figured out, some of the modifiers?

Here is an example of what the lights look like with a still photograph of Lauren Widrick, Founder, CEO, and Head Coach of the Widrick Group:

Lauren Widrick, The Widrick Group

Lauren Widrick, The Widrick Group

One more thing I learned from my shoot with the folks at R.P. Boggs was that my Canon ef 85mm f1.2L, while great for portraits, was not going to work well for video production.   So, I was forced to upgrade.   This was a painful experience as I am feuding with Canon and have vowed to no longer support their product line (Fujifilm is the future people).    For the good of my clients I put my anger with Canon aside and purchased a new 85mm f1.4L IS lens.   All things considered, this is a well designed piece of glass.   I do not like it as much for portraits, but it is working extremely well for video and especially well for fashion on white backgrounds (more on that in another post).

We are still working on the Widrick videos, but here is Lauren's introduction:

We will continue to refine our technique as we do more and more video projects...  It is a process like everything else in life.

In my next post I will discuss some new clients I have been fortunate enough to land recently as well as my preparations for our upcoming two-week holiday to Switzerland and Italy!



With the new year comes a new website, new blog, and renewed vigor towards my chosen career.   It is hard for me to fathom that 2018 marks my twentieth year as a working professional photographer.   My passion for this vocation is every bit as strong as it was when I started Scott Clinton Photography following my studies at Washington University, in St Louis.   Much has changed in that time, not only in my personal life and geographical location, but also in the photographic industry. Lower paying jobs have given way to stock photography, film cameras have given way to digital, and labs and darkrooms have given way to large computer monitors and Photoshop.   That said, the principles of photography remain… It is ALL about composition and light. These principles are part of what keeps me interested in my work as a professional photographer. The other part which holds my attention is the people… Both my clients and my subjects. Every day is a new adventure

I plan to use this new blog to talk about some of the things we have lost in the industry over the years, some of the things we have gained, and recaps of projects and shoots I have been involved with.

Keep in mind that I am a photographer… Not a writer.   Please be patient with me.

Cheers to 2018 and all she may bring!