With the new year comes a new website, new blog, and renewed vigor towards my chosen career.   It is hard for me to fathom that 2018 marks my twentieth year as a working professional photographer.   My passion for this vocation is every bit as strong as it was when I started Scott Clinton Photography following my studies at Washington University, in St Louis.   Much has changed in that time, not only in my personal life and geographical location, but also in the photographic industry. Lower paying jobs have given way to stock photography, film cameras have given way to digital, and labs and darkrooms have given way to large computer monitors and Photoshop.   That said, the principles of photography remain… It is ALL about composition and light. These principles are part of what keeps me interested in my work as a professional photographer. The other part which holds my attention is the people… Both my clients and my subjects. Every day is a new adventure

I plan to use this new blog to talk about some of the things we have lost in the industry over the years, some of the things we have gained, and recaps of projects and shoots I have been involved with.

Keep in mind that I am a photographer… Not a writer.   Please be patient with me.

Cheers to 2018 and all she may bring!